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A new super hero film entitled “Rising 6” is looking for donations to prepare for production. 25 year old film maker Christina Cooper created this go fund me so that supporters can assist in making this vision come to life by donating any amount towards this movie.

The movie will follow six characters from poverty areas around the world who are randomly chosen by government officials as experiments. These experiments take an unexpected turn as these six characters slowly come to the realization of their newfound superhero powers from the effects of a miscalculated experiment. They learn the importance and power of cultures and people coming together as one. “The Rising 6″ will soon fight against an unruly government during the new-age global battle to save mankind. The film is set to release in 2021.

Christina created this film to encourage more diversity for people of ALL colors in the film industry. We hope you will join in supporting a movement that will be world shifting for people around the world!





In the unforgiving streets of Los Angeles, we meet Bria and Davonte who come from two different worlds. Through the trials and tribulations they face, they both realize how much they have in common. From their broken families to their friendships they grow closer to understand how to impact change within their lives and their own community. Davonte learns to trust his intuition and make better decisions to break the stereotypes of a young African American male. This film was created to encourage love within our city streets and to put an end to gang violence.

The Christina Coooper Show


Actress, Model, Author and Philanthropist Christina Cooper produces her own televised talk show at 23 years old, making her the youngest woman to host and produce her own talk show in history. Tune in to her show to see who's inspiring people within the community and to also be inspired by amazing people, amazing stories, and amazing celebrities spreading inspiration around the country.




The series "Loyalty" was written & produced by Christina Cooper. The film follows a character named Davonte through the unforgiving streets of South Los Angeles & his best friend Rex influences him into trouble along the way. Davonte realizes what loyalty is to him. This film was created to showcase the struggles in South Central and inspire the youth to end gun violence within our city streets.

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Blue Laces The Series


"Blue Laces" is a daytime drama series showcasing the strength of two women learning how to heal themselves after experiencing a series of unexpected events living in the unforgiving streets of Los Angeles. We see the drama that unfolds in the hospital workplace and within the lives of these two women and everyone around them. The audience will see how blue laces tie the story line together, and won't see what's coming next.

If I Don't Make It Home


A must see documentary showcasing the unforgiving streets of Los Angeles county and its affect on our families. Let us pray, not prey. 
—Christina Cooper